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Pantry Makeover:
renew your food buying, prepping and eating habits

Do you struggle to maintain a healthy diet?

Create a whole new relationship with food, food shopping, food storage, and meal preparation for you and your family.

In this three day course, you will learn about food, food labels, grocery shopping, kitchen pantry/cabinet dos-and-don’ts, and ways to organize your food so you actually use what you buy. Through easy to follow instructions, videos to guide you along the way, hands-on activities and PDFs to print and work with as you learn, you’ll have all you need to  gain confidence about food buying choices and actually feel excited and enthusiastic to grocery shop and prepare meals at home. 

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As a result of this course you will:
  • Clean out your pantry of outdated ingredients and processed food

  • Understand food labels and packaging to make more informed buying choices

  • Learn what foods to keep on hand to make easy, healthy meals

  • Restock your pantry with healthier alternatives

  • Learn to navigate the grocery store with confidence and ease

  • Enhance your home cooked meals

  • Gain tools and resources to stay on a healthy path

  • Learn ways to shop smart and save money

  • Set yourself up for success in the kitchen

Image by Alyson McPhee

In this course you will be guided every step of the way to a healthier relationship with grocery shopping and food preparation.  You will watch videos and refer to PDFs to complete hands-on activities to learn about ingredients in foods, and how to read labels and avoid tricky packaging.  You will even have a chance to identify items in your pantry and rate them for nutritional value. Everything you need is provided in this course to restock your pantry with healthy nourishing foods. Have on hand, ingredients for quick, easy, healthy, go-to meals and shopping lists to make going to the store a breeze, as well as simple recipes to begin making nourishing home cooked meals with ease.

If you are feeling unhealthy and wish you could make changes, this course is for you.  You get to work in the privacy of your own house, entirely at your own pace, and quickly or over time make miraculous shifts in the way you grocery shop and prepare food. This is an inexpensive course that will have an enormous impact on a very significant aspect of your life, and ultimately this course will save you money as you eat more satisfying meals at home and avoid wasting food or duplicating food purchases.

This course includes:
  • Guidance from both coaches (Amanda + Sheila)

  • Self-paced, fully independent course

  • Personal login to access the course anytime, anywhere

  • Lessons and activities to explore course content

  • Instructional and educational videos

  • Printable PDF worksheets and resources

  • Sample shopping lists and simple recipes

  • 15% off a coaching call (60 min Coaching Reset)

  • Support via email + text

Pantry Makeover:
Renew your food buying, prepping and eating habits
- $297

Feel like you may want a little more support as you dive into the course material?
With this course you'll receive 20% off a coaching call (60 min Coaching Reset, $97)
You'll receive a promo code for the Coaching Reset in your 'Welcome' email to the course.

Enrollment opens November 30th

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