A Blissful You:
A 30 Day Wellness Transformation

At Ananda Yoga and Wellness we are fortunate enough to share yoga, this ancient practice about Self-exploration and union, with a community devoted to love and empowering themselves and others.  


Anyone who’s come through our door—in person and in the online arena—knows our knowledge of all things yoga and wellness, our dedication to each and every student, and our nurturing yet powerful approach to serving our community, whether one-on-one or a group setting. 


Whether you are looking to get started in a health and wellness routine or come back to a stronger more consistent routine, through our coaching, we will open your eyes to the best version of yourself.  With authentic support, grounded in knowledge and compassion, and of course yoga, you will undoubtedly come back to a sense of strength, oneness and connection to yourself that’s been somewhat abandoned by the demands of life, the exhaustion of constantly going, and your giving to others but not yourself.

Do you feel confused or overwhelmed from all the misinformation out there around health and wellness?

You are a beautiful, smart, healthy at the core, loving person who has perhaps spent way more time than you’d care to acknowledge wishing you had more energy, could lose those extra pounds, or had an understanding of how to get your health and wellness back on track.


You’ve gone it alone and wondered what it would be like to work with a wellness coach or take an evident step toward reclaiming your health, your weight, your energy and overall quality of life, but purchasing a course or signing on with a coach means acknowledging that going at it alone hasn’t served you well.  Taking this step would be really owning this desire to feel better, and that can be scary.


A themed, self-paced exploration with weekly LIVE virtual group coaching sessions is just the right combination of independence, introspective activity, group support, and coach guidance to motivate, inspire, and empower you to reclaim your self-care and wellness toward greater joy and balance.

As a result of this course you will:
  • Take a step that honors you, for better health and wellness

  • Gain the support of the course material, two coaches, and a community of others wanting a similar transition

  • Learn skills and concepts about your personal body 

  • Identify thinking patterns that tangle you up and hold you back from your best self

  • Clarify and refine wellness related goals

  • Stay on course with weekly material to guide, motivate, and support you

  • Utilize yoga and meditation specifically designed for each stage of your transformational process

  • Shift into a mindset of gratitude and abundance

  • Find non-judgmental, compassionate awareness towards yourself and your wellness journey

  • Reclaim your health and wellness to come back to a life of greater balance and joy

A Blissful You is a course about reconnecting with Self, identifying obstacles to your wellness efforts, creating greater nutritional awareness and balance in your life, and finding ways to come back to joy. We believe wellness starts with your mindset. In order to accomplish your physical wellness goals you need to first address your mindset and limiting beliefs. Then you will be able to make healthier food choices based on new knowledge of your body which will result in a healthier version of you. This course is just that. To help you identify obstacles and clarify goals so that you have a lasting sense of confidence on your wellness journey.


With practical knowledge, manageable steps, and the support of two--not one, but two--wellness coaches, you will gain understanding and inspiration to move from feeling stuck to feeling empowered on your self-care journey. 

This course includes:
  • Four weeks of theme based, self-paced content to educate, challenge, and guide you as you learn new concepts and apply them in your life.
  • Weekly LIVE group coaching calls (Recordings of the Live sessions will be uploaded to the learning platform to give you continued access.)
  • Nutrition guidance and activities to identify obstacles and clarify goals.
  • Breathing mediations and yoga classes designed specifically for each stage of your transformational journey.
  • Unlimited Voxer, an audio/text app - to ask questions throughout the course.
A Blissful You - $597
Starts January 15th
*Payment plans available*
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