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Amanda and Sheila are a mother/daughter-in-law duo that immerse themselves in all things yoga and wellness. They've partner together to bring yoga and wellness to their community in Belfast and are widely respected as health and yoga coaches. They have several years of integrated experience and wisdom on the topics and they come together cohesively to support their clients on personal transformations.


Let them help you to develop personal wellness goals and establish strategies to improve your healthy lifestyle. A belief in a holistic approach to health and wellness is the foundation of their services. Through dialogue and reflection, you’ll examine the health impact of your choices in all aspects of your life and learn how to take care of yourself - body, mind, and spirit. Improve your nutrition, mental health, sleep, energy, and overall mood.

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What They Offer


Live Your Joy

>A 3 Month Coaching Program : Nov 5 - Jan 28<

 Metamorphosis, Live Your Joy, is a three month spiritual-emotional coaching program designed for those seeking a deep transformational experience to come into community, come into love and ultimately a space for metamorphosis.

Have you been feeling disconnected and hungering for community?

Are you feeling the rumblings that your life is destined for greater joy?

Metamorphosis, Live Your Joy, is a three month group spiritual coaching program designed for those seeking a deep transformational experience to come into community, come into love and ultimately a space for metamorphosis.

The last two years have been hard on all of us, and extremely unexpected and weird. But, oddly it seems no one is talking about the aftermath to our psyche and spirit. In the isolation and oddness of the world shutting down, we collectively got sad, scared, lonely, and confused. Now, we are sort of back to normal, but to move forward in the most healthy way possible, we must look at those feelings. Together, let’s shine a light into what felt like darkness and hold space for nonjudgemental compassion to help usher us through the darkness of that experience, so that we emerge in luminosity and joy.

Reconnect with yourself, and reclaim joy in your life, and learn new ways to appreciate yourself. We are all intimately interconnected with one another and need community. Let’s come together to shape the journey of our lives to arrive at greater joy and balance.


The program includes:

  • weekly in studio or online group sessions (recorded when possible)

  • 1-1 private coaching with each participant

  • gentle yoga and guided meditations

  • resources and handouts

  • ongoing support from coaches

We know life happens! Join any or all in-studio sessions remotely when necessary.


Monthly Schedule:

Week 1 each month: Group centering, share and intention setting, in studio (2 hours)

>Saturday Nov 5; Dec 3; Jan 7 3:30-5:30

Week 2 each month: Group share and guided meditation, remote (use course zoom link to join) (90 mins)

>Thursday Nov 10; Dec 8; Jan 12 6-7:30

Week 3 each month: Group share and gentle/restorative yoga, in studio (90 mins)

> Friday Nov 18, Dec 16, and Jan 20 6:00 - 7:30p

Week 4 each month: Private coaching session, remote (use course zoom link to join) (60 mins)

>These private coaching sessions will be scheduled on a one-on-one basis per each student 


Ongoing communication and support through email, Telegram and/or private Facebook group.

Dates and Price:

Course Dates: Nov 5 - Jan 28

Register before Oct 31, $997 / Pay monthly $333

Register Nov 1 - Nov 4, $1297 / Pay monthly $435

Email us to schedule a time to chat and find out if this coaching program is right for you. We can discuss a payment plan if need be. We are here to support you!


>>>And because we think it is powerful and aligns so well to our coaching program, enrollment in Metamorphosis, Live Your Joy includes enrollment in our upcoming Brene Brown's Atlas of the Heart viewing party, a 5 week series - to run later this winter!<<<

Pantry Makeover:
Renew Your Food Buying, Prepping and eating habits

Pantry Makeover is a three day course designed to create a whole new relationship with food, food shopping, food storage, and meal preparation for you and your family. Through this course, you will learn about food, food labels, grocery shopping, kitchen pantry/cabinet dos-and-don’ts, and ways to organize your food so you actually use what you buy. Through easy to follow instructions, videos to guide you along the way, hands-on activities and PDFs to print and work with as you learn, you’ll have all you need to gain confidence about food buying choices and actually feel excited and enthusiastic to grocery shop and prepare meals at home.

This program includes:

 - Guidance from both coaches (Amanda + Sheila)

 - Self-paced, fully independent course

 - Personal login to access the course anytime, anywhere

 - Lessons and activities to explore course content

 - Instructional and educational videos

 - Printable PDF worksheets and resources

 - Sample shopping lists and simple recipes

 - 15% off a coaching call (60 min Coaching Reset)

 - Support via email + text


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 "If you are looking for an informative down to earth, unconditionally loving wellness program, I highly recommend working with Amanda and Sheila.  They will set you on the path to wellness and let you walk it at your own pace.  They are gentle and gracious guides."  - ARW

“I just finished a wellness coaching intensive with Ananda Yoga, and I can’t say enough about the advice and help I received from Sheila and Amanda. I got a new perspective on nutrition, on yoga and meditation, and on matters of the spirit. Sheila and Amanda tailored the course to the issues I wanted to work on, and it has been so helpful that I’m about to sign up for another course!” - GM

“I had the pleasure of joining Sheila and Amanda for a three week wellness course. As a beginner with yoga, I was amazed at what Sheila and Amanda helped me through! Not only did my physical body learn new practices, I was able to pair that with emotional and spiritual growth as well as these ladies addressed all areas of wellness. I look forward to working with them in the future!” - AK


"This course has changed how I think about wellness and balance in my life. I learned to consider my choices holistically, and to not be judgmental of myself." - Unknown

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