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Amanda and Sheila both share a love and passion for yoga and wellness and have owned Ananda Yoga and Wellness for two years. They work as a team to guide you towards greater wellness personalized to your obstacles and goals. With their wide array of wellness modalities you're sure to find some clarity and empowerment on your wellness journey!

Amanda Cooney

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Wellness Coach

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sheila caldwell

yoga instructor

wellness coach

Reiki MASTER Level

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What They Offer

A Blissful You: A 30 Day Wellness Transformation

Starts January 15th!

A Blissful You is a group program designed to guide you through fun and easy activities to examine your health beliefs, lifestyle habits, and routines to help you identify areas in your life where you can make subtle but effective shifts toward greater joy and balance. This course is a 4 week combination of self-paced exploration with weekly virtual group sessions that will motivate, inspire, and empower you to reclaim your self-care and wellness.

 -Weekly LIVE Virtual Group Coaching Sessions

 -Self-paced Course

 -Yoga classes


 -Unlimited Voxer - to ask questions throughout the program



Boost Your Practice: 4-week Yoga Coaching


Whether a beginner or a student who has taken yoga classes for years, this course is an amazing opportunity to delve into your practice and really master proper alignment of asanas and pranayama techniques, in a safe, supportive one on one environment.  You’ll learn about philosophies of yoga and take a close look at what these concepts mean to you.  Meet with the instructors each week to discuss exactly where you are and how you’re feeling before jumping into practice together, a practice designed for you based on your personal needs for growth, challenging, and self exploration.

  -90 min Weekly 2-1 Coaching Session-discussion and yoga class

  -Unlimited Voxer - ask questions throughout the program

  -10 pass to use for virtual classes on our schedule

  -3 month access to our video on-demand yoga class library

  -Ananda shirt

  -20% discount on retail


*limited time offer, share with a friend or loved one!



Two-on-One Wellness Coaching

Join both Amanda and Sheila for 2-1 Wellness Coaching. These on-going programs are designed to cater to your individual wellness obstacles and goals. Choose between 1, 3 and 6 month programs to dive into shifting your wellness routines to achieve your ideal healthy lifestyle.

 Each program includes:

  -Virtual Coaching Sessions (2-1)

  -Private Yoga Lessons

  -Reiki Healing Sessions


1 month


3 months


6 Month

"As a beginner with yoga, I was amazed at what Sheila and Amanda helped me through! Not only did my physical body learn new practices, I was able to pair that with emotional and spiritual growth as well as these ladies addressed all areas of wellness. I look forward to working with Sheila and Amanda in the future!"


Contact us for a free

30 min wellness consultation!