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A Blissful You:
A 30 Day Wellness Transformation

Are you feeling confused or overwhelmed by the misinformation out there around health and wellness?

You are a beautiful, smart, loving person who has perhaps spent way more time than you’d care to acknowledge wishing you had more energy, wishing you felt better throughout the day, or wishing you had a better understanding of how to get your health and wellness back on track. You’ve gone it alone and wondered what it would be like to work with a wellness coach or take an evident step toward reclaiming your health, your energy and overall quality of life, but purchasing a course or signing on with a coach means acknowledging that going at it alone hasn’t served you well.  Taking this step would be really owning this desire to feel better, and that can be scary.

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A belief in a holistic approach to health and wellness is the foundation of Amanda and Sheila's services. Let them support you and help you to develop personal wellness goals and establish strategies to improve your healthy lifestyle. A themed self-paced exploration with weekly LIVE virtual group sessions is just the right combination of independence, introspective activity, group support, and coaching guidance to motivate, inspire, and empower you to reclaim your self care and wellness toward greater joy and balance.

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As a result of this course you will:
  • Take a step that honors you, for better health and wellness

  • Gain the support of two coaches and a community of others wanting a similar transition

  • Learn skills and concepts about your personal body

  • Identify thinking obstacles that hold you back from being your best self

  • Learn and practice breathing techniques

  • Utilize yoga and meditation specifically designed for each stage of your transformational process (5 class pass included)

  • Gain spiritual clarity and connection to oneness of Self and Divine

  • Learn affective tools and strategies to navigate life

  • Shift into a mindset of gratitude and abundance

  • Find non-judgmental, compassionate awareness towards yourself and others

  • Reclaim your health and wellness to come back to a life of greater balance and joy

A Blissful You: A 30 Day Wellness Transformation is not a course about diet and weight loss, but rather a course about reconnecting with self, identifying obstacles to your wellness efforts, creating greater balance in your life, and finding ways to come back to joy. It is designed to take you back to the root cause of your wellness related confusion and identify what you need to do to move forward in a sustainable, long-lasting way. As a result of coming back to yourself you will naturally shed those last few pounds, gain more energy throughout your day and develop a kinder, more compassionate relationship with yourself.

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With practical knowledge, manageable steps, and the support of two--not one, but two--wellness coaches, you will gain understanding and inspiration to move from feeling stuck to feeling empowered on your self-care journey.

"This course is amazing. It offers everything you need to heal, learn and grow in Mind Body and Spirit. The resources are so valuable and helpful. And having the support of Amanda and Sheila and the entire group every step of the way is very comforting and assuring." DZ 

"This course was a fun and gentle first step of my wellness journey. The activities were meaningful and the information was given in a way that was not overwhelming. I am so grateful to be able to have access to all of the videos and resources in the future so that I can stick with my goals that I set for myself. Amanda and Sheila are a wise and wonderful team of women who’s approach to wellness is kind, and non-judge mental. The virtual group setting that they created was so warm and comfortable. I would recommend this course to anyone looking to improve their wellness as a whole. Thank you!!!" -SG

"Sheila and Amanda have created a beautiful safe space for anyone to begin their health and wellness journey. It was truly amazing to see how they cultivated an atmosphere that was so comfortable for people of all different backgrounds to share. The group/community aspect of this course helped me to feel accountable to doing the work and receiving the value for myself. I loved the community and all of the tools, tips, and tricks that are helping me to stay mindful in my daily life of my wellness and create better habits to live an all around healthier life." - NJ

"This course has changed how I think about wellness and balance in my life. I learned to consider my choices holistically, and to not be judgmental of myself." - Unknown

This course includes:
  • Guidance from both coaches (Amanda + Sheila)

  • Weekly Group Coaching Sessions

  • Independent home self-study, make your own schedule each week

  • Yoga classes designed for each stage of your transformation process (5 class pass included)

  • Meditations and breathing techniques

  • A follow up coaching call to ensure you stay on track

  • 15% off retail and workshops

  • Unlimited support via email - to ask questions throughout the program

A blissful You:
a 30 Day wellness transformation
- $777

Begins May 10th!

*Payment plans available*
all course sales final
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