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Anānda Yoga and Wellness was created to provide a safe space for our community to learn, grow and transform. Inspired in the, tradition of Kripalu, our studio honors the traditional aspects of yoga, mindfulness and meditation, both in-person and virtually. Our intention is to create an authentic experience for both new students and experienced yogis. With a team of skillful, like-minded people, we have developed a range of offerings for our community. Both early morning and after work classes give people a span of options to come to center. Anānda, the Sanskrit meaning for bliss, also provides other wellness practices for the mind, body and soul, including health related workshops and wellness coaching. Whether you come for yoga, wellness services or workshops, come to find your bliss. 


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Amanda Caldwell



Amanda was drawn to yoga at an early age as a way to manage her anxiety and find meaning to her life, the dynamic energy of a room full of like-minded people was a comforting experience. Once she began to peel the layers back, major growth and transformation took place that left a huge impact on her state of mind. As her interest in this practice got deeper, she began to emerge herself in deeper levels of transformation. Graduating from the Pranotthan School of Yoga in 2016, she instantly started down her teacher path, bustling with a desire to share and spread this innate wisdom. Continuing her education, Amanda has assisted in Teacher Trainings, received a master level Holy Fire Reiki certification, received her 300HR training from Yogamu Institute and graduated from the Institute of Integrative Nutrition as a IIN Health Coach. 

Using a ground up approach, Amanda leads students into the most basic postures and offers layers to those who would like more challenge, creating a safe space for all levels. Teaching the importance of honoring yourself where you are in this moment allows space for students to show up as they are with non-judgmental compassionate awareness for themselves. Carrying this mind set off the mat into the real world has helped many of her students value the importance of the practice. Amanda’s classes can be described as a mindful Vinyasa flow mixed with Hatha yoga roots, with a deep focus on breath and body awareness. She teaches from a place of honoring the Self in every moment. She offers Reiki services, holistic health workshops, group and private health coaching programs at Ananda, as well as private and group yoga classes.

You can join Amanda in the practice of yoga Mondays' at 5:30pm, Tuesdays' at 8am & 5:45pm, Fridays' at 8am & 9:30am and some Saturdays' at 8am & 9:30am.

Sheila Caldwell



With an extensive background in public education as an educator and administrator in Maine, Massachusetts, and Rhode Island, Sheila came to yoga as a means of improving strength and range of motion as she recovered from a serious shoulder injury.  Moved by the aspects of yoga that goes beyond the asanas (postures), she completed her yoga teacher training at the Santosha School of Yoga with Maya Breuer, who is affiliated with Kripalu Center for Yoga and Health.  As she continues to learn and grow— body, mind, spirit—she is forever grateful for the loving wisdom of all her teachers along the way who have encouraged her to explore her curiosities and utilize her own capacity to help and support others.  

Sheila’s training includes 200-hour RYT, Yin/Restorative Yoga, Yoga Nidra, Children’s Yoga, and Ayurvedic Yoga. 
You can join Sheila in the practice of yoga Thursdays' at 8am & 4:30pm, Sundays' at 8am & 9:30am and some Saturdays' at 8am & 9:30am.

April Dove



April has dedicated her life’s work to assisting and supporting others on their journey through unraveling the patterns which stand in the way of their ultimate health and wellbeing. In early adulthood April earned a BA in Experiential Education from the Evergreen State College in Olympia WA with the intention of reaching students for whom the status quo didn't work. As it often is, it was a series of heavy personal experiences supporting close family members through terminal illness and chronic disease that drove April to a deeper commitment to her yoga practice. Ultimately her own transformative practice lead her to become a CYT at The Namaste Institute. Having discovered the profound connection in unraveling the body and claiming your most authentic self, April became committed to sharing yoga as a practice for optimal health and well being. April now teaches yoga, to those for whom the status quo hasn't worked, teaching “at risk youth” as well as young adults in recovery. April also continues to offer weekly public yoga classes. Recognizing the value of massage to help provide support and an even deeper healing, April eventually made the decision to become a LMT. Studying at The Maine Therapeutic Bodywork and Learning Center April synthesized technique and in-depth understudying of the body with her years of observation and work as a yoga instructor, becoming a skilled and effective massage therapist. In her yoga classes April brings together this knowledge of body mechanics and body awareness with the exploration of our deeper selves. New Tide Healing Arts is the culmination of April’s own personal development and her continued studies. April’s commitment and passion comes through in both her yoga classes and massage sessions. April help’s set the tone so that you can connect with a sense of greater well being. When we feel good we bring more energy, creativity and compassion into our lives, our families, our communities, and our world!

You can join April in the practice of yoga Mondays' at 8am.

Mackenzie Clapp


Mackenzie was born and raised in Belfast, Maine, and now resides in Searsport. She has studied food science and nutrition at Simmons University in Boston and at the University of Maine graduate school, and now works as a registered dietitian and health coach.

Mackenzie came to yoga for physical health and wellness, but has stayed for the spiritual peace and connection, as well as the very special sense of community. She completed her Ananda/Heart Space Yoga 200-hour yoga teacher certification through Ananda Yoga and Wellness in Belfast in 2020 and is thrilled to connect with community through her teachings in yoga and health.

You can join Mackenzie in the practice of yoga Wednesdays' and Fridays' at 5:30pm.

Kelin Underwood


Kelin was drawn to bodywork therapy after a long struggle with an eating disorder and with anxiety in her early teenage to early 20’s years. She felt getting involved with bodywork would be a key component she was missing to walk fully back into her body and to live wholesomely. It was also important to Kelin to be able give back to others by offering whole body/mind therapeutic sessions for people struggling with similar things. She draws upon both her personal and professional experience in her bodywork practice that she has been cultivating for eleven years now. She understands and respects the courage it takes to make the steps to fully come back to your body and she works with each person where they are at on their journey back to themselves. Utilizing a wholesome blend of massage, Polarity Therapy, Hakomi Technique, Somatic Experiencing and Traditional Chinese Medicine philosophy, Kelin works with you to release emotional tension and to bridge the gap between body and mind that tends to happen with traumatic experiences….and often times; with life in general. She stands on the foundation of trust in the innate language and healing wisdom of the body and integrates that foundation into her sessions.


Kelin grew up on a small farm in southern Maine, traveled a lot in her early twenties to help challenge and release her anxiety; found a school in New Mexico where she studied bodywork therapy and natural therapeutics and lived for almost five years. She is happy to be back in Maine and is looking forward to helping others in their lives.

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Garrett Vail


A daily yoga practice has profoundly changed Garrett's life in the last 20 years. He began to practice yoga to heal a back injury, but a whole world opened for him as he deepened his study. He has found that yoga is all about our infinite potential to transform.  In gratitude, he teaches this power of transformation to others and is honored to serve his community in this way. Garrett believes that whatever a person chooses, they can create it through a yoga practice. This creates an invitation to explore our true nature, unlimited and immensely powerful.

You can join Garrett in the practice of yoga Wednesdays' at 8am.

Linda Prichard


Linda has always been drawn to three things; spirituality, athletics and personal growth. She trained for
and competed in the sport of triathlon for over 20 years. Having a deep spiritual thirst, she pursued study
and graduated from Earlham School of Religion, the country’s only Quaker seminary. In her quest for
health, both mental and physical, she learned about Whole Food Plant Based cuisine and holds a Certificate
in Plant Based Nutrition from Cornell University.

Yoga stood on the periphery of her vision as a physical, spiritual and mental practice that might interest
her “some day”. From the 1980’s onward she would try a style of yoga and then move on. She never quite
found the one that fit, until a customer of her plant based food business mentioned Kundalini Yoga. When
she researched this form she found a synthesis of all her passions.

Having completed her 200 hour training with Guru Singh and Bret Larkin, Linda is excited to share this living
technology with you.

You can join Linda in the practice of yoga Wednesdays' at 9:30am & Sundays' at 11:15am.

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/äˈnəndə/ noun

extreme happiness, one of the highest states of being; bliss


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