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Anānda Yoga and Wellness was created to provide a safe space for our community to learn, grow and transform. Inspired by our tradition of Kripalu, our studio honors the traditional aspects of yoga, mindfulness and meditation. Our intention is to create an authentic experience for both new students and experienced yogis. With a team of skillful, like-minded people, we have developed a range of offerings for our community. Both early morning and after work classes give people a span of options to come to center. Anānda, the Sanskrit meaning for bliss, also provides other wellness practices for the mind, body and soul. Whether you come for yoga, health services or workshops, come to find your bliss. 


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Amanda Cooney



Amanda was drawn to yoga at an early age as a way to find meaning to her life, the dynamic energy of a room full of like-minded people was a comforting experience. Once she began to peel the layers back, major growth and transformation took place that left a huge impact on her state of mind. As her interest in this practice got deeper, she began to emerge herself in deeper levels of transformation. Graduating from the Pranotthan School of Yoga in 2016, Amanda instantly started down her teacher path, bustling with a desire to share and spread this innate wisdom. Continuing her education, Amanda received a master level Holy Fire Reiki certification as well as graduated from the Institute of Integrative Nutrition as a IIN Health Coach. 

Using a ground up approach, Amanda leads students into the most basic postures and offers layers to those who would like more challenge, creating a safe space for all levels. Teaching the importance of honoring yourself where you are in this moment allows space for students to show up as they are with non-judgmental compassionate awareness for themselves. Carrying this mind set off the mat into the real world has helped many of Amandas’ students value the importance of the practice. Amanda’s classes can be described as slow and mindful yet deep and strong, leaving your whole Being, body, mind and soul, honored and loved up. 

Sheila Caldwell



With an extensive background in public education as an educator and administrator in Maine, Massachusetts, and Rhode Island, Sheila came to yoga as a means of improving strength and range of motion as she recovered from a serious shoulder injury.  Moved by the aspects of yoga that goes beyond the asanas, she completed her yoga teacher training at the Santosha School of Yoga with Maya Breuer, who is affiliated with Kripalu Center for Yoga and Health.  As she continues to learn and grow— body, mind, spirit—she is forever grateful for the loving wisdom of all her teachers along the way who have encouraged her to explore her curiosities and utilize her own capacity to help and support others.  

Sheila’s training includes 200-hour RYT, Yin/Restorative Yoga, Yoga Nidra, Children’s Yoga, and Ayurvedic Yoga.

Amy Robbins-Wilson



Amy Robbins-Wilson, MA opens transformational spaces with music. Her voice has been described as “angelic”, “crystalline” and “a whisper to the soul.” She uses her unique and extraordinary voice and the power of intention to open transformational space within which listeners experience a renewed sense of well-being. As one listener commented about a session, “ I love how it both stills me and fills me. Amy sang her first solo at the age of three and has been exploring the intersection of healing and music ever since. She holds a BA in Empowerment Theater for Women from Bates College, a MA in Expressive Arts Therapies from Lesley University and a MA in Ritual Song and Chant Performance from The World Academy of Music and Dance in Limerick, Ireland. She is a Reiki master, Awakener, and the creator of Angel Baby Remembrance Concerts for those who have lost a child. 


Amy licenses music for film and tv and is the Angelsong Sound Healer at Anānda Yoga and Wellness offering group Angelsong meditative concerts, sound healings and individual Angelsong Awakenings for those seeking healing and a restored sense of peace in the world. Learn more about Amy at amyrobbinswilson.com 

Maria Jacobs



Originally from Methuen, Massachusetts, Maria grew up in her local dance community. After many years of traveling to teach and work professionally in Las Vegas, overseas and in New York City, she was excited to return home to start a family and explore the world of Holistic Wellness. Along side her journey into motherhood, Maria has become a 200-hour RYT through Seacoast Power Yoga and completed a variety of trainings in prenatal/ postpartum fitness and yoga, personal growth development and energy work. She thrives on the opportunity to provide a fun and nurturing space to allow others to receive not only whole body physical movement, but leave with a sense of serenity to carry throughout their day. A mom of three, she understands the need to find balance in such a hectic life and embraces each moment when one can find community and feel like they have accomplished something for the their wellbeing. She is also a certified Reiki Master, HypnoMothering® Practitioner and Labor and Postpartum Doula. She is excited to be part of this community and looks forward to sharing her passions both in and out of the studio, in groups and with individuals. 

April Dove



April has dedicated her life’s work to assisting and supporting others on their journey through unraveling the patterns which stand in the way of their ultimate health and wellbeing. In early adulthood April earned a BA in Experiential Education from the Evergreen State College in Olympia WA with the intention of reaching students for whom the status quo didn't work. As it often is, it was a series of heavy personal experiences supporting close family members through terminal illness and chronic disease that drove April to a deeper commitment to her yoga practice. Ultimately her own transformative practice lead her to become a CYT at The Namaste Institute. Having discovered the profound connection in unraveling the body and claiming your most authentic self, April became committed to sharing yoga as a practice for optimal health and well being. April now teaches yoga, to those for whom the status quo hasn't worked, teaching “at risk youth” as well as young adults in recovery. April also continues to offer weekly public yoga classes. Recognizing the value of massage to help provide support and an even deeper healing, April eventually made the decision to become a LMT. Studying at The Maine Therapeutic Bodywork and Learning Center April synthesized technique and in-depth understudying of the body with her years of observation and work as a yoga instructor, becoming a skilled and effective massage therapist. In her yoga classes April brings together this knowledge of body mechanics and body awareness with the exploration of our deeper selves. New Tide Healing Arts is the culmination of April’s own personal development and her continued studies. April’s commitment and passion comes through in both her yoga classes and massage sessions. April help’s set the tone so that you can connect with a sense of greater well being. When we feel good we bring more energy, creativity and compassion into our lives, our families, our communities, and our world!

Laura Sheinkopf


After many years of developing her yoga practice, it was through teaching children and experimenting with bringing mindfulness and movement into the classroom -- while simultaneously deepening her awareness of her own physical and mental state -- that led Laura to pursue a yoga teacher training. Laura trained with 108 Monkeys, a New Haven, Connecticut-based nonprofit that cultivates yoga service leaders who promote a culture of justice and peace, through yoga. Her teaching is grounded by an acknowledgment of the diversity of experiences and histories we carry in our bodies, and infused with an understanding of the depth of potential inherent in each one of us. Laura's mission as a yoga teacher is to help others clear obstacles that get in their way of being fully human, embodied and free. She leads a yoga practice rooted in inquiry and compassionate self-acceptance, which balances between effort, ease, and exploration. Laura draws from various influences and teachings (including the Anya Method and the Gokhale Method) to achieve healthy and safe postural alignment in poses that are woven together into a purposeful and creative flow. By guiding intentional movements aligned with breath, Laura offers a container for one's evolving awareness of Self, in body and mind. 

Molly Gawler


Molly Gawler offers Thai Yoga Bodywork with the intention of health and healing to those we touch, letting the body have a chance to balance in the way it innately knows how to do. She is a dancer and finds the flow and breath of the work to be relaxing and energizing at the same time. Her sessions are on a mat on the floor with comfy clothes and no oils. The Thai healing work includes yoga-like stretches, energy work and acupressure. Molly has years of experience with study in Thailand at ITM (International Training Massage School) and at ITM USA with her teacher Rose Griscom in New Jersey. Molly has a great love for this healing art and would be honored to share it with you. 

Craig Schwarzbaum


Craig practices and shares yoga for its nourishing effect on the mind and body, and for how it builds strength and vitality that support us in daily life. He studied under Ella Luckett at Jai Yoga Arts in New York where he learned Vinyasa style yoga with an Ashtanga influence – always with a focus on the breath. Craig moved to Maine for its vast forests and strong organic farming community. He is excited to share the healing, comforting, and steadying qualities of yoga practice with the Midcoast community. 

Jaime Boswell


Jaime's passions in life include yoga, travel, adventure, and sharing these things with others. Her mission in business and in life is to help others find more joyful living through yoga. As a therapeutic yoga teacher and certified yoga therapist, Jaime believes in meeting students where they are, and helping them to find a practice that is just right for their unique mind, body and spirit. Jaime has been teaching now for over 13 years, and during that time has had the privilege to continue growing as a student and teacher of yoga. Her formal teacher training has primarily been in the Kripalu tradition, with a 200-hr certification in Kripalu Yoga, and an 800-hr Kripalu Integrative Yoga Therapy certification with Joseph LePage at the Kripalu School of Yoga. Jaime’s teaching does not reflect one particular type of yoga, but is influenced by the array of teachers and traditions that have inspired her over the years. Her classes can be described as heart-centered, alignment-based, where students are encouraged to find personal challenge while maintaining a sense of ease

Rachel Beaulieu


Rachel Beaulieu was first introduced to yoga during her freshmen year of college by a wise healer.  It started off as mainly a physical practice to cope with the stress that accompanied being a full-time student and part-time employee; and developed into something much deeper that nourished her heart.  Three years out of college, she dedicated herself to weekend trainings in Massachusetts with Yogaspirit®, a teacher training program inspired by the fundamental teachings of BKS Iyengar.  At the start of 2014, her third eye was ceremonially anointed and she received her 200 hour teacher certification with gratitude.  She passionately began teaching classes of various styles of yoga including alignment based vinyasa, restorative, children’s and partner yoga in central Maine.  Her classes are known for their detail to form and alignment in biomechanics, clear directions to props, modifications and adjustments and creatively sequenced classes.  Additionally, Rachel is a full time special education teacher, fitness guru and nutrition enthusiast.  She spends her evenings cooking with her partner in their tiny house along the coast. 

Dawn Preston


Dawn has always loved a variety of physical activity. She has taught various types of movement classes, starting with dance aerobics, weight training and group fitness, then moving into yoga earning her 200 hour RYT with YogaFit. The authenticity and spiritual practice of yoga really peeked her interest as she started delving into various forms of the practice, especially Yin Yoga. Now specializing in Yin, Dawn really harnesses the forever-a-student aspect of being a yoga teacher as she continues her education and training with Josh Summers and Bernie Clark. And with her love for physical activity and an avid marathon runner herself, she loves to work with athletes to be at their physical best. Dawn is originally from Arizona and is a USAF veteran. She spends her days teaching Health and Physical Education to middles schoolers.



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