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what you learn in Yoga Teacher Training (YTT) goes far beyond the physical

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Hosted by Anānda Yoga & Wellness

For this year's cohort, we are thrilled to collaborate with Shawn Cornelison, a highly experienced yoga teacher who has taught for over 25 years both in the US and internationally.

Are you a total beginner? A seasoned yogi?

Whether you feel drawn to eventually teaching yoga or not, the holistic approach of YTT offers a wealth of benefits for personal growth and development. The journey goes beyond the logistics and practicalities laid out in schedules and pricing. It's a transformative experience that extends into every aspect of your life. YTT becomes a catalyst for positive change, empowering you to move through life with grace, authenticity, and a newfound sense of purpose.

In the embrace of the YTT community, you will witness your body accomplishing feats you once deemed impossible. As you delve deeper into the practice, you'll observe the calming of your mind and a heightened sense of self-awareness. The transformation that takes place during YTT is something that cannot be adequately expressed in words alone. It's an experience that must be felt and lived to be truly understood.

What makes the Yoga Teacher Training experience truly remarkable is that it surpasses expectations and opens doors to a world of profound transformation. When you initially begin your teacher training, you may have a specific reason or goal in mind. But as you immerse yourself in the supportive community, something magical begins to unfold. A rich tapestry of experiences, knowledge, and personal growth reveals itself, going beyond what you initially imagined.

YTT is for everyone

Embarking on a new journey often brings forth a mix of excitement and apprehension. It's natural to have doubts and fears about the unknown path ahead. Questions may arise:
Will I be successful? Is it worth the investment? Can I really do it? 
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Make your aspirations a reality

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Our hybrid YTT program allows for flexibility

In-person weekend immersions in scenic Belfast, Maine

Remote weekend Zoom sessions


Payment plans tailored to your needs

Upon entering the building I always feel welcome and comfortable as if I've known the instructors my whole life. Every class is enjoyable and offers something different everytime.



More about Shawn

Shawn has been teaching yoga for over 25 years both in the United States and internationally. In addition to being an E-RYT-500 certified yoga teacher, he is also a Certified Yoga Therapist through IAYT. He also has extensive training with Yin Yoga, Meridian Yoga, and Yoga for Anxiety & Depression. His studies have also included an 800 Hour Advanced Teacher Training in Yogic Philosophy & 100 Hour Advanced Breath Techniques Program.

In addition to his trainings, Shawn has a vibrant Yoga Therapy practice where he assists individuals in body awareness, pain reduction, and personal transformation. Shawn travels internationally teaching diverse styles of yoga, as well as offering a 200 & 300 hour yoga teacher training. His home locations are in Braintree, MA, USA and Sofia, Bulgaria, as well as teaching time spent in Tokyo, Japan. He offers in-person and remote training in Yin Yoga, Restorative Yoga, Somatics, Functional Breathing, and Yoga for Anxiety & Depression.

As a yoga instructor Shawn teaches classes that are focused on breath and functional movement of the body. His classes are geared toward students who want to explore the inner spaces of the body and mind. The classes are both physically challenging and at the same time very accessible & nurturing. He uses his knowledge of meridians, yin yoga, therapeutic yoga, breath work and his fascination with yoga's rich history to create classes which are informative and allow students to move in ways that support their unique structure.

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These are common "I can't" statements that hold us back when we want to stray from the path of the status quo, followed by positive suggestions (I can) to help you truly consider your options.

Try on the "I can" mindset and see what you think.

✘ I can’t: 200YTT is too much time.

★ I can: 200YTT will carve out time to deepen my yoga practice and bring me closer to my inner knowing.



✘ I can’t: 200YTT is too much money.

★ I can: 200YTT will teach me alignment and breathing to improve my yoga practice. This will ensure that I practice safely and allow me to share yoga with others. I can get paid to teach yoga and as a teacher get lots of free yoga.



✘ I can’t: 200YTT is too much work.

★ I can: 200YTT will provide structure for my yoga practice. It will be hard work that will improve my strength, flexibility, and confidence on and off the mat, and I’ll be in community with others for encouragement and support.



✘ I can’t: 200YTT is what I want to do, but now is not the time.

★ I can: 200YTT is available now, right here in Belfast, Maine. The program is being offered by a highly reputable yoga studio, by a world-renowned instructor. I don’t have to have the entire schedule figured out at the start, and the training will teach me tools to make time for what really matters in my life.



✘ I can’t: 200YTT is for those more advanced in their yoga practice.

★ I can: 200YTT will teach me a core knowledge of postures, breathing, and mindfulness and will bring greater meaning and commitment to my personal practice. Yoga teacher training will help me to be a compassionate observer of myself leading me toward deeper inner wisdom and peace.


It's time to say yes to what you seek

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