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Wellness Services

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Facial Treatment
Pampas Grass


Reiki is a Japanese technique for stress reduction and relaxation that also promotes healing. It helps to bring the chakras, or energy powerhouses, back into balance. Usui/ Holy Fire, which is a new form of Reiki, it is both powerful and gentle and provides purification, healing, empowerment and guidance. Holy Fire energy is noticeably more refined and comes from a higher level of consciousness. Reiki is becoming more and more popular to people looking for healing, this form of energy healing can be done hands-on or distantly.

30 minutes / $50

60 minutes / $75


Relieve pain, reduce stress, and provide relief to problem areas in the body. Whether for relaxation or recovery from injury, therapeutic massage targets your needs and leave you restored and rejuvenated.  Massage can help relive symptoms associated with chronic pain, Lyme Disease, depression , anxiety, migraines, grief, immune deficiencies, accident and sports injuries and ROM issues. Deep Tissue, Swedish and Prenatal available.

60 minutes / $90

90 minutes / $ 125




This massage is more about central nervous system relaxation and to create increased circulation of blood and lymph, resulting in freer movement and a peaceful, calmer mind. Melt tension away with warm herb-infused oils that penetrate deeply to bring true balance to the body mind and senses. Aromatherapy and warm adjunctive compresses/stones may be incorporated into your massage as needed for achieving full relaxation.

60 minutes / $ 95

90 minutes / $ 125

foot Reflexology

Reflexology is a relaxing holistic healing modality that involves the practitioner applying pressure to reflex points on the client’s feet to aid in the relief of pain and stress and to contribute toward boosting the immune system. The feet have reflex points that correspond to organs and systems of the body and when pressure is applied to these areas energy blockages are released and the body can restore itself toward greater balance. Pressure on the reflex points helps to calm the nervous system and stimulates the release of endorphins, easing physical discomfort and improving general well-being. 

60 minutes / $90

ayurvedic Foot reflexology


Also known as Padabhyanga, this multi-dimensional service is an integration of foot reflex lineages including Ingham Method, Philippine Psychic Healing, Ayurvedic Marma Point Therapy, Polarity and Zero Balancing. Whatever names it goes by, expect to feel restored and refreshed from head to toes and all spaces in between.

Session includes a sea mineral hot foot soak, followed by neck and shoulder massage, and foot reflex point work, ending with soothing Ayurvedic Scalp massage


45 minutes / $75


This massage tradition was developed and refined in the largest Buddhist monastery in Bangkok, Thailand. The tradition's lineage is believed to be over two thousand years old. During the massage the therapist presses along the client's sen lines using the masseur's thumbs, palms, forearms, knees, and soles of the feet. These sen lines are energy channels that run throughout the body. It is a full body massage that frees up blockages, increases circulation and blood flow, and helps release stress, anxiety, and tension. The massage is a five part series. In each of the different series the client is requested to lie in a different position: prone, supine, on the right and left side, and sitting up. No oils are used. The massage is given on the floor. Light, moderate and deep tissue pressure can be applied on client's request. 

70 minutes / $ 100

ayurvedic head/neck massage


Also known as Champissage, this massaged incorporates warm herbal oils that are generously massaged into your upper body: neck, shoulders, poured over your third eye, and massaged with various relaxation techniques into your scalp and hair. While beneficial in preventing hair loss and relieving stress and headaches, Champissage is supreme in resetting your nervous system.

May be combined with Ayruvedic Foot Reflexology for a deeply restorative session.

30 minutes / $50

Polarity Champissage

This healing experience infuses traditional Indian Head Massage, Champissage, with reiki and polarity therapies to bring you a deep sense of relaxation and rest. Marma acupressure points are activated on the head, neck, face and shoulders using warm herbal oils, hot stones and pranic cleansing strokes to rebalance your energy body. Finish with a hot compress to penetrate the medicinal properties of the herbal oils into your body for them to work their magic! Some benefits include relief from headaches, migraines and symptoms of TMJ, stimulates lymphatic drainage and improves immune system, promotes hair grown and improves scalp condition, tones and sculpts the face and neck.

60 minutes / $95

Ayurvedic facial

This transformative facial actually delivers herb and plant based super nutrients such as humectants and lipids deep into the skins cellular matrix, supporting collagen and elastin formation. In the Ayurvedic tradition, manual extractions are replaced with gently sequenced actions of oils and clays. This ancient skincare therapy also includes a special facial massage with warmed herbal oils of pure rose, carrot extract, saffron and amalaki, with attention given to the pressure points called "marmas". Each of the follow-up products selected in this facial treatment, such as serum, eye cream and moisturizer, are thoughtfully considered for your particular needs.

75 minutes / $ 115

Sea mineral facial

Mineralizing and fortifying, the formulas in this high performance treatment combines multifunction techniques such as softening, exfoliating and detoxifying, lipid-rich hydration, and relaxation of expression lines and wrinkles. From acne care to anti again, sea minerals are universally supportive in facial therapies. This facial is for all skin types and conditions.


Although this is an express facial (45 mins), it may be combined with an Ayurvedic Full Body Massage for a 75 minute treatment ($115)

45 minutes / $75


Private yoga lesson offer students the ability to focus on person interests, concerns or goals. Instead of following along with a yoga instructor in a class setting, a private lesson allows an individual to set specific goals and plans, such as personal goals for flexibility, strength of meditation. 

 60 minutes / $80


cash or check only please

(made out to the practitioner)




       Services available:

         Usui / holy fire reiki

         Private Yoga



      Services available:

         Private Yoga

         Foot Reflexology

sheila caldwell



        Services available:

        Therapeutic Massage

         *deep tissue, swedish, prenatal

          Private Yoga



    Services available:

    Traditional Wat Po Thai Massage





      Services available:

     Ayurvedic Full Body Massage

      Ayurvedic Foot Reflexology

      Ayurvedic Head/Neck Massage

      Ayurvedic Facial

      Sea Mineral Facial

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