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Reiki l Training 

with Edward Wilkins

Sunday, December 11th

9am - 5pm

Energy Healing

Certification with basic energy medicine training.

The Reiki I class centers on personal healing, the first step for learning the practice of Reiki. Within the class we will discover the origins of this beautiful modality. We will learn the basis for what Reiki is and how it works.

During the class we will cover frequently asked questions as well as your personal questions, Learn about Chakras, and experience practical work for hand positions and giving Reiki to yourself and others. Towards the end you will receive your Reiki attunement and if time allows we will practice a group Reiki session where everyone will have a chance to get on the table.

This class comes with continual guidance and access to the teacher if you so choose. Students who register for Reiki I + II together, receive free access to our Reiki Open Practice evenings to hone their skills.

Perquisites: None

What is provided: Reiki I instructional book, any other materials for the class, and a certificate of completion.

What to bring: Please dress comfortably, bring a lunch and water.


Reiki ll Training

With Edward Wilkins

Sunday, March 12th & 19th

9am - 5pm

Energy Healing

A natural progression following Reiki I certification, this second-degree training is for those who have been certified in Reiki I by Ed or another Reiki Master Teacher. 


The Reiki II class centers on healing work with others. It is typically considered the practitioner / professional level. This class is taught over the course of two days with a short time in between for practice of new information and techniques. The focus of this class is to prepare students for independent work as a professional Reiki Practitioner.

During the class we will review all Reiki 1 material and test on knowledge and practical proficiency. We will then move on to learning Reiki symbols and their usage as well as the multiple techniques for distance healing with Reiki. We will then cover body mechanics and professional, practical, and stylistic aspects of an open Reiki practice to prepare you for the opportunities ahead. Lastly you will receive your Reiki attunement.

This class comes with continual guidance and access to the teacher if you so choose. Students who register for Reiki I + II together, receive free access to our Reiki Open Practice evenings to hone their skills. Reiki III certification is also available on an individual basis.

Prerequisite for current students of Edward: 30 sessions on individuals other than self. - One Reiki share with teacher present.

Prerequisite for students with other Reiki teachers: Phone interview with teacher, covering experience and knowledge base possibly ending with guidelines to complete before taking the class. - One Reiki Share with Edward present.

What is provided: Reiki II Instructional handbook, Study materials, and Reiki Practitioner certificate.

What to bring: Any paperwork required from Reiki I, Please dress comfortably, Lunch and Water.


This is a two day certification class: March 12th and 19th.




Soul Abilities Discovery Workshop:

Psychic/Mediumship Training

With Sarah Nickerson

Saturday, December 30th



The ‘Soul Ability Discovery workshop is designed for an efficient and impactful introduction to a soul world reality discovering your innate psychic, medium, intuitive, and healing abilities. This course is led by psychic medium Sarah Nickerson of NextGEN Medium who believes these skills are available to everyone and that it is time for you to explore your abilities. This 4-hour course is geared to provide information that will expose, enhance, troubleshoot, and align you to witness the evidence of your innate psychic, medium, intuitive and healing abilities. After leaving the class you will live your life discovering a whole new, feel-good, do-good reality with the aid of these new tools that have been there along. The workshop also includes 4 free one-hour weekly online group Q&As with the instructor so that you can continue to get guidance while exploring your abilities beyond the workshop.

After signing-up, you'll receive links from NextGEN Medium to the four online assessments used in the workshop that you can complete any time prior to the workshop. These assessments provide information on the tools that are a right fit for you to start seeing evidence quicker and more effectively as you start your soul ability journey.


Space is limited, must pre-register.


To learn more about Sarah visit our workshops schedule and read more in the description.

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